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Our Story


In 2016, Mycolife embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with Hungarian inventor Szabó Nikolett. Recognizing the potential in her locally renowned mushroom extracts, Mycolife secured exclusive international distribution rights. Szabó's extracts, born from a deep understanding of mushrooms' medicinal properties, became Mycolife's flagship products.

This collaboration marked the beginning of a global wellness movement. Mycolife's commitment to quality and Szabó's visionary formulations created a product line that gained acclaim worldwide. Together, they redefined health and wellness, offering natural alternatives to a diverse global audience. The Mycolife-Szabó Nikolett partnership became a beacon of innovation and a testament to the power of nature in enhancing lives.

Word of Mycolife's exceptional products spread far and wide, gaining popularity among health enthusiasts, wellness advocates, and individuals seeking a natural path to a healthier life. Mycolife's success story was inseparable from the visionary work of Szabó Nikolett, whose passion for mushrooms had sparked a revolution in the health and wellness industry.

Behind Our Brand


Our team takes pride in the work and quality they produce. The technique and knowledge of our workers comes from 25 tireless years gathering information and learning everything about mushrooms. And not to forget the company behind mycolife is founded by a strong independent woman.

The team makes sure that every product is made with precision and compliance with the Bio standard. The company posesses certification that ensures all products Bio rated.